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  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Landing Page
  • Website
  • UI
  • UX
  • UI/UX Audit
  • User Flow
  • Startups

Especially for clients with great ideas, but a small budget and hot deadlines, we have created a service within which we quickly and efficiently create a

design concept

of a product that can be used for negotiations, attracting investments, etc. 💸

Want to know what are the stages of service delivery of this service? Scroll down, we will tell you 👇

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Stages of the
Design Process:

  • 01


    The first stage is getting to know your idea/project/product. We ask you basic questions that will allow us to tell you the approximate timelines, cost of your project, and move to the next stage ⏱

  • 02


    After our first meeting with you, we will analyze your business niche, carry out competitors' analysis, and define the target audience, their goals, pains, and what drives them. All this data will help you make the right decisions 👀

  • 03

    UI/UX Design

    Based on the research, we will create a UX UI prototype of your product as soon as possible. We do not waste time on the detailed elaboration of every detail, limiting you in the number of edits and focusing on the fast speed and low cost ⚡️

  • 04


    Design prototype is ready to use. You can scroll and click, just like in a real developed application. This will be accessible to you via Figma. You can show it to future users, investors, collect feedback. For full development, you will need to improve it. Therefore, this service is suitable for projects where speed is more important than quality 🚀

  • 05


    The first project we do together is just the beginning – we hope to gain long-standing clients that are devoted to our philosophy. We promise to keep in touch and help you develop any and all of your wild ideas. To an extent 😅

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