Spaceberry’s Journey in 2023

Hello, Spaceberry fans! 2023 has been an exciting roller coaster for us, full of challenges and thrilling victories. Here’s a peek into our amazing year at Spaceberry – hold on, it’s going to be a fun ride!

Caring for Mental and Physical Health

This year Spaceberry took a big step in supporting our team’s mental well-being. Recognizing the crucial importance of mental health, especially in these challenging times, we introduced professional psychology therapy sessions and corporate yoga sessions to keep us physically fit and fabulous! It’s been more than just about overcoming hurdles; it’s about fostering a sense of unity and strength within our Spaceberry Family. We believe in taking care of each other, and these initiatives have brought us even closer. To make sure of this, look at the photo of how faithfully our team performs meditative practices.

UI/UX design team journey in 2023

Memorable Offline Gatherings

2023 was a super special year for us at Spaceberry because we have hung out in real life!

  • During spring, our team rejoiced in Warsaw. This gathering was a delightful reunion, filled with city exploration and meaningful conversations, rekindling connections after an extended separation.
  • June commemorated Spaceberry’s 3-year anniversary, celebrated in our new Cherkasy office. This special occasion brought together half of our team in person, providing a chance to reflect on past achievements and set ambitious goals for the future.
  • August saw us regathering in Cherkasy for a summer event. It was a fantastic opportunity to welcome our new team members in person, solidifying our close-knit Spaceberry community.
  • In September, we organized an offline event in Kyiv featuring escape rooms, art exhibitions, and stargazing at the Planetarium. These activities fostered team camaraderie and created memorable moments.

All these in-person meetups did more than just boost our team spirit – they supercharged us! We’re now buzzing with energy and more ready than ever to dive into new challenges.

UI/UX design team journey in 2023

Continuous Growth and Triumph

More smiling faces

2023 has been a year of non-stop action at Spaceberry! Our clients have been sending us virtual high-fives all year long, fueling our drive to keep doing awesome stuff. And our team has grown – like, doubled! Designers, managers – our team is now bursting with fresh ideas and skills. Each new face has brought their unique enthusiasm and energy, supercharging our ability to tackle diverse projects and invent innovative solutions.

UI/UX design team journey in 2023
Sharing Knowledge

Our very own Tanya Sarancha, a senior UI/UX designer, shared her wisdom at Hillel IT School, teaching the “Basics of Web Design” course. Her insights and secrets have been a game-changer for 15 lucky students. She shared some insights on how the web differs from the UI/UX design and threw a couple of secrets for job interviews.

UI/UX design team journey in 2023
Projects That Made a Mark

Throughout the year, we worked on a multitude of diverse projects. From developing a platform for financial analysis for options traders to a live-streaming food application, we expanded our expertise into various domains. We also deepened our expertise in healthcare and renewable energy domains by creating more innovative product interfaces.

We’re over the moon to announce that over 10 products we’ve passionately worked on have gone live! A major shoutout to “OptimallyMe” which is making waves in the UK, transforming the Healthcare industry with their innovative platform that provides easy access to medical test results, interpreting their significance, and delivering personalized health recommendations (look at the case study here), and to all our wonderful clients who have been our rock throughout the year. Your success is our success, and seeing these projects thrive is what keeps us going. We’re here to create more impactful and popular products together!

UI/UX design team journey in 2023
A Game-Changing Partnership

This year we took the “Your UI/UX Partner” mantra to a whole new level. We stepped into an exhilarating partnership with one of our long-standing, cherished clients. Together, we’re creating a new company that’s set to redefine the design landscape. While we’re keeping the details under wraps for now, stay tuned for more exciting updates on this groundbreaking venture. It’s a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and collaborating for success.

A Year of Recognition

We hit a major home run this year by bagging the prestigious RedDot Design Award! It’s like the Oscars for designers, and we’re over the moon! This isn’t just an award; it’s a shout-out to our passion for top-notch design and innovation. It’s like the universe saying, “Hey, Spaceberry, you’re doing awesome!”

UI/UX design team journey in 2023

Our clients have been showering us with love and kudos on platforms like Clutch. Every nod and every accolade is like a high-five for our commitment to delivering nothing but the best in design and service.

UI/UX design team journey in 2023
Embracing New Horizons

2023 at Spaceberry wasn’t just about accolades; it was also a year of launching our own products:


A service for monitoring online exchange rates at different platforms

Obmify tackles the often shadowy perception of online currency exchange. Many people find traditional crypto exchange designs and online converters complex and off-putting. Obmify has changed the game as the first online exchange monitoring service that uses its design system and interface to make online exchanges transparent and easy.

With Obmify, users enjoy a three-click exchange process, a calculator for precise sums, sorting exchanges based on limits, and mobile-friendly convenience. This is something their competitors don’t offer.

Alongside Spaceberry, Obmify is also developing its brand identity. Thanks to flexible graphic design and a well-tuned tone of voice, the brand is gaining recognition daily on social media, harmoniously complementing other marketing activities to increase visibility and traffic.


A metaverse for businesses

Cuberium is another product that showcases our dedication to a product-led mindset, resulting in Cuberium’s remarkable success:

Our designs forged a distinct brand identity for Cuberium, fueling brand recognition. Spaceberry’s design strategies amplified conversion rates, driving more users into the metaverse. Enhanced user engagement within Cuberium was ignited by our meticulously crafted designs.

These achievements are a testament to Spaceberry’s design expertise, with Cuberium poised to reshape the future of business in the metaverse – all thanks to Spaceberry’s visionary team.

UI/UX design team journey in 2023
Ukrainian City

A network of websites and social media channels to help Ukranians during the war

In addition to our own product launches, we’ve been supporting “Ukrainian City,” a non-profit organization providing humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians for the last two years. It’s a testament to our commitment to not just business success, but also to societal and humanitarian contributions.

UI/UX design team journey in 2023

This year, as we faced the complexities of launching and developing products, we learned firsthand the challenges our clients encounter. It’s been a journey of immense growth, learning, and success, further solidifying Spaceberry’s position as a leader in the design industry.

Spaceberry’s Future Shines Bright!

What a wild ride 2023 has been! Despite the ups and downs, we at Spaceberry have come out on top, stronger and more united than ever. We’ve danced through the storms, kept our amazing team intact, and hit some seriously impressive milestones.

We’re super proud of how far we’ve journeyed together, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. Our eyes are set on reaching even greater heights, and with our Spaceberry family by our side, we know the future is going to be dazzling!

Big thanks to all of you for being part of this incredible journey. Here’s to making more magic happen in the years to come!

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