Ready to be

berry impressed


oldspiceBe careful what
you wish for
  • gallery

    Now we have an AR-gallery in our studio.
    This is another reason to join our team.

  • toby

    Meet Toby Berger! This is our client, and
    he recently turned 80 years old 💪
    See full post in Instagram

  • bodyafacepalm

    Bogdan pretends to have a headache so
    he can be allowed home

  • askid

    We only hire top professionals...

    With a couple exceptions.

  • beach

    Nikita dreams of the beach and the sun.

  • phonecall

    “You must move this element one pixel down, right now!” - Alex.

  • celebryYou can watch it
    on our Instagram

    When we receive an award for our project.

  • instaqr

    Follow us on Instagram 💪

  • board

    We stick post-its on the walls so clients think we're busy

  • presentation

    The guys don't know why they recieved honorary awards for their work

  • topics

    Important meeting in session - topic: how can people live without coke? (the drink)

  • basket

    Nikita thinks he has a tape recorder in his hand. Don't tell him...

  • volley

    Our greatest sporting achievement was to take a photo on the field.

  • trash

    As we said earlier, we take care of our health. Our food is proof of this.

  • clean

    Cleaning day. Alexander is not very happy about this.

  • shoes

    Did you know there's a Spaceberry Crocs button? Neither did we.

  • alexdan

    We always care about each other.

  • yoga

    We take care of our health. Here Daniel is demonstrating a yoga pose

  • client

    Our client is happy with the result of our work, we hope.

  • whois

    Someone said he works with us, but we are not so sure.

  • deadline

    This is Nikita showing us how many days left before the deadline

  • freedgeThis is just a
    guy near a fridge

    I’ve never seen this guy before… who is he?

  • taxi

    Daniel in a French movie. Can you guess which one?

  • english

    Hard at work, we didn’t realize we were being photographed.

  • rastaDon’t tell
    the police

    The guys picking summer strawberries, and loving it.

  • sticker

    This is Alex, the clean freak.

  • robot

    We really love memes with Daniel

  • partyHe hates this
    photo, by the way

    This is Bogdan. He’s loving the office party.

  • office

    10 a.m. As you can see, the whole team is already hard at work.

  • socks

    This is Alex, the one in the blue sock.

  • hardwork

    Bogdan pretending to work... as always

  • relax

    Daniel decided to take a nap before lunch